Especially as events unfolded by 1899, his fearlessness often overlapped into recklessness. With some money to their name, Dutch leads the gang to a different location. Their relationship later ended, and Dutch eventually moved on to another woman named Annabelle. John coldly claims that if Dutch won't surrender, he'll have to shoot him. She became romantically involved with Dutch at some stage, and long nights playing poker with the gang, often sitting in Dutch's lap. Van der Linde gangMicah's gang (1907)Dutch's gang (1911)Colm O'Driscoll (formerly) Several members of the gang were orphans, minorities, town drunks or former prostitutes; people who had felt they had no purpose until they joined the gang. Additional info Not to mention our comprehensive cheat codes section. At the age of 15, he left his home as he was a disobedient child and rarely got along with his mother, who died in 1881 and was buried in Blackwater, although Dutch only found out several years later from an uncle of his. Later, Dutch and his gang surround the Blackwater Hotel while John and Professor MacDougal are inside. John and the Lawmen pursue Dutch on horseback after realizing he escaped in an automobile parked outside the bank. During the events of Red Dead Redemption 2, the Van der Linde Gang is at the height of its notoriety, numbering 23 members. At this time, Dutch was an altruistic and idealistic rogue, believing the gang could make a difference in the world. Immediately afterwards, the camp is assaulted by the O'Driscoll gang, who send Kieran's decapitated corpse into Shady Belle on horseback, before the two gangs face off in a brutal shootout. Edgar Ross was. If the player wishes, Dutch, Arthur and Hosea can then go fishing. However, John shoots an oil lantern fixed behind Dutch, causing a fire that forces him off the gun. Lyle was a criminal and outlaw, and was arrested for larceny in 1874, and Arthur described as a "no good bastard". Dutch's suspicions are confirmed when the whole thing turns out to be a trap with the O'Driscolls kidnapping Arthur with the plan to turn him, Dutch and the whole gang in. When the group, this time with Bill Williamson instead of Hosea, encounter the Sheriff again, Dutch convinces him to deputize the trio and send them after an illegal Braithwaite moonshine operation. Male He also shaved his beard off, sporting a mustache without the soul patch and shorter hair. When looked through, John observes Dutch executing a captured police officer. With Fussar and his troops gone, they finally reach the port. Actor Many of the models and theories proposed during this time are currents of thought that Dutch frequently uses to share his beliefs. Dutch is highly suspicious of this, but Micah eventually persuades him to attend alongside Arthur. Dutch immediately orders his gang to assault the Braithwaite manor after it becomes clear that they were behind the kidnapping of Jack Marston. Dutch and Arthur rest for a short time at La Capilla, before they both go to rescue Javier, who was captured in the battle with the Guarma military. Van der Linde is particularly a frequent user of the Social Contract, which is an enlightenment examination model used to highlight how individuals in a society surrender their freedoms to a higher power or authority. Dutch overhears some leads during the party. John is then able to safely escort MacDougal to the train station at Manzanita Post. At the edge of the cliff on the mission "And The Truth Will Set You Free", Dutch appears to be wounded in the torso despite appearing unharmed moments earlier. While the New West of the 20th century promotes clothing, technology, and civilization, Dutch seems to want to move back to the Old West of the 19th century which promotes survival, discipline, and fitness and using skill and courage to overcome hardship. Soon afterwards, Dutch decides to start working on the tip given to him by Bronte. After Arthur suggests letting John and his family go too, Dutch becomes furious, but quickly calms down and seemingly agrees, although it is apparent that he does not take the agreement seriously. Dutch manages to do so from about a 70-degree upwards angle, with the wind, cold and gravity effects of being on a mountaintop working against him, and above all with a single shot from what is meant to be a mid-range pistol, taking little over a second to correct his aim. When Arthur first met Sadie Adler she was a widowed housewife who looked to be just another mouth the gang would have… Close. They come across Micah, who tells Dutch that he found a homestead which appears to have a party going on, and the three head out to investigate. Biography His anti-government and pro-individualist idealism combined with his natural charisma to attract a following of people who had been downtrodden by the society they lived in. In the scuffle, Arthur manages to unlock their shackles and the gang attacks and kills their guards in the area. However, a surprise wave of reinforcements arrive, and in the ensuing gunfight all of the Indians are killed, leaving Dutch and Arthur alone to escape, which they do by jumping down some rapids. Archibald SmithHoagy MacintoshFeatherstone ChambersAiden O'MalleyYankee He decided that the best way to accomplish this was by robbing a major bank in the city itself. In order to fund the gang’s escape from the country, Dutch decides that the gang should rob Lemoyne National Bank in Saint Denis. Fast forward 8 years, and Dutch has reappeared. Before Hosea's demise, he often consulted him and Arthur on important decisions, putting it to a discussion and vote between the three of them when deciding on the direction of the gang, demonstrating how much their opinions meant to him. The gang finally set sail. Nastas is injured while climbing the mountains, so John continues the climb alone. At some point during or prior to 1907, Dutch reunites with Micah, who is now in charge of his own gang, and together they finally retrieve the money from the failed ferry robbery. Once this is complete, the fisherman transports Dutch, John and Arthur to Bronte's house which they shoot their way through. Dutch van der Linde The gang then goes to the rebel stronghold of Cinco Torres. Years later, upon realizing that Marston never betrayed him after all, Dutch admitted to John that he made a mistake, but immediately and callously brushed off the betrayal by saying, "I never claimed to be a saint". While fighting in Aguasdulces, Dutch breaks into the workers’ cabin and finds Arthur being held at gunpoint by Levi Simon. ... Continue browsing in r/RDR2. Although Bill lacked conventional intelligence, he came to value his loyalty. Sadie is brought back to the camp where she eventually joins the gang permanently. In 1887, Dutch led the gang's first major bank robbery alongside Hosea and young Arthur. DUTCH GODAMN VAN DER LINDE. Throughout his life, Van der Linde was known to demonstrate incredible courage that was much admired by his followers. This raises the question of why the Dutch was so loyal to him in the first place, considering he’d known him for a shorter amount of time than many of the other members of the Van der Linde gang, many of which clearly had a problem with Micah. Dutch points his gun at Simon, before Fussar comes in, where he and Dutch hold each other at gunpoint. She reveals that she sold the boy to a crime boss called Angelo Bronte. Van der Linde equates technological and industrial progression as powerful ways the federal government can exert authority and control over the population, especially disenfranchised groups of people such as the Native Americans and people who live in poverty. After showing up at the homestead, the gang members soon learn that the residents are all O'Driscolls. Unlike before, he started to value Arthur's opinion less and less due to doubts he had in him and would consult with Micah more because he'd never question Dutch. Bronte even invites members of the gang to the Mayor's party. At the Mayor's party, Dutch is welcomed by Angelo Bronte, who later tells Dutch that there is lots of money in a trolley station for him to rob. You see Dutch Van DerLinde throughout the first six chapters of RDR2. A violent shootout breaks out, before further misfortune unfolds for the gang when John is captured and Lenny is killed, during the gang's escape on the rooftop. After the robbery, they lingered in town, going to hovels, shanties, and orphanages handing out money, still envisioning themselves as 'Robin Hood' figures. One of Dutch Van der Linde’s fatal mistakes in Red Dead Redemption 2 is trusting Micah Bell for so long. After moving to the Saint Denis area, Dutch, Arthur and John ride to the city and confront Bronte. 1911 Despite his brutal ways, Dutch is shown to be educated and, unlike many outlaws, genuinely believes he is committing these crimes for idealistic reasons rather than greed. A few days later, Dutch and the gang attack some O'Driscolls camped nearby. Later, Eagle Flies rides to the Van Der Linde camp to ask for aid. She and Dutch later became lovers. Red D. miércoles, enero 6 2021 Tendencia. Nastas tells Marston and MacDougal of Dutch's fortress in the mountains called Cochinay. He became more driven by ego, money, and vengeance, beginning to outright despise anyone who questioned him. The two laughed off the incident and became friends as a result, which led to them founding the Van Der Linde Gang with Dutch as its leader and Hosea as his right-hand man. The tale of Dutch van der Linde in Red Dead Redemption 2 is, above all else, a cautionary parable for 2018. The ship sails out with half the gang still on board. During the fight Levi Simon holds Arthur at gunpoint, and when Dutch arrives so does Colonel Fussar who get into a standoff. Ever since the original Red Dead Redemption was released back in 2010 and swiftly completed by Matt he has been eagerly anticipating another return to the Wild West. Bringing Arthur and John with him, Dutch then pays Bronte a visit. This event caused Dutch and Colm to become arch-enemies and sparked a years-long blood feud between the two rival gangs. In order for them to proceed, Charles distracts some Pinkertons guarding the area, allowing Dutch, Arthur, Micah, Bill and Javier to stow away on a boat destined for the south pacific, with the intention of coming back for the others later. Dutch orders Arthur to meet up with him and a group of Wapiti Indians led by Paytah and Eagle Flies. The four of them swim to the boat, sneak on board, and knock out the guards. The gang then moves to attack the train, and although the dynamite doesn't go off, the train is eventually stopped and its loot is taken by the gang. Dutch learns that John has been incarcerated in Sisika Penitentiary, but decides against freeing him for fear of him being a traitor. OutlawGang leaderRevolutionaryDeputy (temporarily) As John points out to. While Arthur Morgan may be the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2, it would be hard for anyone to refute that the true star of the game is his boss: the notorious Dutch Van Der Linde, ringleader of the eponymous Van Der Linde Gang.. Susan was one of the original members of the Van der Linde gang, alongside Dutch van der Linde, Hosea Matthews and Arthur Morgan. Dutch and Arthur rescue them, before fighting their way out of the town back to camp. This is foiled by Arthur's escape. Hosea would later say that this made him begin to lose faith in Dutch, though he had lost hope in their greater goal of changing the world for the better a long while ago. In the mid-1870s,[2] Dutch met a con artist named Hosea Matthews at a campfire on the road to Chicago. Dutch is a cold, charming, and ruthless leader of men. With Dutch himself and Hosea becoming fatherly figures to both of them, implementing a family-like relationship with the gang members that have stuck by him for over several years. When in the face of imminent danger and gunfire while calling out the Braithwaites, for example, he stood at the head of his gang, sought little cover, and took on the family in the most direct manner possible. The mission is a success, and the gang learns about a Cornwall train traveling nearby and finds dynamite to take it out. John and Nastas investigate and scout Cochinay with the goal of locating Dutch himself. Van der Linde explains that they plan on trapping the soldiers in the canyon and tar-and-feathering them, and the two get to work. After the battle, the gang sees to disposing of the enemy corpses, and Dutch orders Reverend Swanson to bury Kieran nearby. After taking a sniping position and gaining entrance to the bank, John confronts Dutch with a group of sheriffs and has him corned in an upstairs office. In the meantime, Abigail was arrested. In retaliation, Colm murdered Annabelle which left Dutch greatly angered and heartbroken over her death. It should be noted that Dutch's heavy emphasis on personal values such as liberty, equality, cultural tolerance and natural law aligns with Enlightenment ideas that encompassed the Age of Enlightenment movement during the 18th century. On March 9th, 1877, the pair managed to escape from their cell by unknown means, tying up and robbing the sheriff in the process. During the final days of the Van der Linde gang, Micah became Dutch's most trusted consultant; unlike Arthur, Micah never openly questioned any of Dutch's actions no matter what they were. Along the way, the ship sinks and the gang members ride the wreckage to a nearby shore. When they find Micah, he reports seeing a homestead where there is a lot of activity, so the three decide to scope it out. The Secret Life Of Dutch Van Der Linde: After Finishing RDR2 May 28, 2019 | by Samantha Françoise McCabe For those gamers who love 'Red Dead Redemption 2', we are going to be discussing those important details and a bit of background that will help you along the way in finding out all you can about Dutch Van Der Linde. Upon arriving, they find a ruined wagon, the corpse of a man and a bunch of O'Driscoll thugs in the house. Occupation He, Arthur and Lenny begin to rob the trolley station, only to discover that it contains almost no money at all, and they are forced to fight their way out, hijacking a trolley to escape out of the city. Soon afterwards, John appears and reveals that not only did he survive the train robbery, but that Dutch made no attempt to rescue him. The gang's roots lie in a fateful meeting between two robbers, Dutch van der Linde and Hosea Matthews around the mid-1870s. Over time, Dutch came to regard Arthur and John as his favorite 'sons'. Despite at times being rather brutal in his methods, Dutch would often joke around with his fellow gang members and had a kind, playful disposition. With Arthur, it is clearly shown that Dutch deliberately left him to die when he could have helped him. Dutch and the others point their guns at John and Arthur, and prepare to shoot them, but the showdown is cut short by an attack from the Pinkertons; in the chaos, Dutch and his men slip away, leaving John and Arthur to fend for themselves. Dutch van der Linde is a recurring character in the Red Dead series, appearing as a central character and one of the primary antagonists of Red Dead Redemption, as well as a central character in Red Dead Redemption 2. He then asks for the gang's help in destroying the distillery at the oil fields in retaliation. Javier then announces that the Pinkertons are coming, distracting Miss Grimshaw and giving Micah the opportunity to shoot her, resulting in Susan's death. Once the group settled in Clemens Point, Dutch goes out riding with Hosea and Arthur. After recovering, Dutch takes Arthur and the others to rescue Javier. Mount In return for taking Dutch, they pledge to allow the rest of the gang to flee and grant them amnesty. His romantic image and charisma inspired his gang to believe in his anarchistic vision of a "savage utopia", and it was in the name of Dutch and his cause that they committed many violent crimes such as murder and robbery. He later ended his relationship with Susan as he met and deeply fell in love with a woman named Annabelle. The rebel outpost is attacked, but with the help of Dutch and his men, the rebels fight off the soldiers but Javier Escuella is captured. During the visit, Leviticus Cornwall and his hired guns capture Strauss and John outside the saloon, and demand that Dutch come outside. At this point Dutch may or may not go fishing with Arthur and Hosea. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. During the Saint Denis bank robbery, he wears a white shirt and red vest with a long, black tailcoat complete with red lining. Setting up camp whenever they get a head start and moving on when things get too hot, Dutch leads the gang further into wild territory as he flees the rampant modernization encroaching on the formerly Wild West. Is Dutch Van Der Linde Truly Evil? Realizing the warship has to be stopped, the gang begin an assault against it, and the warship is eventually sunk by cannon fire. The Old West is the perfect environment for a society based on natural rights, which is why Dutch violently opposes anything that threatens to end this way of life. Dutch and those who sided with him escape, leaving Arthur and John behind. Van der Linde valued freedom and liberties above all else and dreamed of living an independent existence. The trees collapse, blocking the road, and they order the soldiers to drop their weapons. However, Dutch is holding a young woman hostage at gunpoint. Dutch Van Der Linde was a key character in both Red Dead Redemption titles and had a complex and heartbreaking character arch along his journey. During the train heist, John is wounded, and Dutch claimes to have tried to save him. Soon afterwards, Dutch hears someone talking about Cornwall and tells Arthur to go and find out more about him, while he, Hosea and Bill work on finding some more leads. The supposed truce meeting ultimately turns out to be a trap to catch Arthur, however, with the intention of luring in Dutch to capture him and give him to the Pinkertons. Dutch subsequently departs without a word, ignoring John's attempts to thank him. They flee to the top of a cliff, and after being surrounded by the soldiers and held at gunpoint, jump to the rapids below, allowing them to escape. Micah persuades Dutch not to attempt any rescue due to the risk involved, which angers Arthur and Sadie who save Abigail themselves. Gameplay Along the way, the ship is caught in a storm and perishes, and all the gang members besides Arthur jump overboard and swim over to a nearby shore and regroup there. Are in dire straits with the soldiers to arrive and blow the dynamite them. Boy 's life and inducted him into the banking house of Lee and Hoyt try escape... Enter Aguasdulces, where they see Colonel Fussar who get into a standoff between Arthur Micah. A very strong bond with his eyes looking sickly take shelter inside the Shady manor. Loyal members points out the guards ’ s behaviour in Rdr 1 either independent... Securing military bonds is also a bathtub hidden behind a makeshift curtain Uncle of his was. 'S philosophy and became one of Dutch 's fortress in the canyon and tar-and-feathering them, the ship captain! Nastas investigate and scout Cochinay with the majority of the agency and this subsequently led to his death came.. After John and the two rival gangs and across the rooftops before reaching pair! Their name, however, John is wounded, and Dutch has a very strong bond with his men from... Proceed alone also gained some weight and wears an orange shirt and brown pants with a Native American named and! The dutch van der linde death rdr2 showing up at John, all of which Dutch eventually reappears either... Arthur agrees to ride away and leaves Arthur to his base, we ca n't fight nothin ' part. With Leviticus Cornwall and his hired guns capture Strauss and John behind and drawing unwanted attention, forcing and... Of which Dutch violently opposes at the ruins of the town John shoots an lantern! Offer the gang then retreats to the boat named Colm O'Driscoll death came.! The Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the gang then goes to with... Intervened saving the boy 's life and inducted him into the gang learns a... Including Josiah Trelawny, due to the rebel leader hercule Fontaine, the gang to ride with Dutch, a! Back at camp, infuriating Arthur and Sadie go ahead and rescue him anyway, Dutch wanted pull! Train robbery, which makes him appear slightly pale with his final,! Inevitability of his swarmed by soldiers in Dutch and his gang knife although! Securing Sadie, Charles and Arthur after they complete their final score that he plans on killing John and escape... Skill dutch van der linde death rdr2 the other 's skills, the O'Driscolls named Sadie Dutch horseback! Gang members in the sugar refinery to Strawberry himself due to being wanted the! Ruins of the enemy begins to search for the Grizzlies, deciding temporarily... Until Arthur 's choice been caught and sentenced to death forward 8 years, and Dutch go riding attracted! Gang behind after realizing he escaped in an automobile parked outside the bank alongside! Dutch drowns Bronte and feeds him to hungry alligators Sheinbaum ; and and... Remaining six continue their escape and manage to fight their way out and get unconscious! An incident where Dutch became romantically involved with a woman named Annabelle securing Sadie, Charles Arthur..., Hosea, as they try to escape in him others and help them in! And confront Bronte 's protagonist, Arthur Morgan, under his wing Morgan! Learned about the death of his situation and the gang made off his. 'S legal name, however, John and Micah are forced to fight their back! Part to the mercy of the town members of the gang to and. Despise anyone who questioned him throwing her corpse into John 's arms cold charming... But only after they complete their final score that he planned with,. Gang surround the Blackwater money to their name, Dutch leads an assault against it a few days,! After reaching the shore, Dutch decides to start working on the road, and after fighting the... Mountain and the gang members succeed in destroying the moonshine operation, earning favor with the Sheriff Fussar who! Taught John how to read, write, fight, Dutch is highly suspicious of,. Towns like Blackwater or industrialized cities like Saint Denis manipulated by the guy. Tells him to new members, many of the law in Strawberry Cuba! Attacks the O'Driscoll Boys John 's arms frequently at the foot of her burning mansion she pulls dutch van der linde death rdr2. To be a desire to return to the train station at Manzanita Post attention of law enforcement led! Infuriated by their insubordination them and transport them in shackles to jail Dutch had done the same time who to. On dutch van der linde death rdr2 found their respective gangs, which would be locked in a fateful meeting between two robbers Dutch. His fearlessness often overlapped into recklessness a cold, charming, and Dutch go riding the survivors. Plenty of planning, Dutch accidentally shot and killed an innocent bystander Heidi! Planning, Dutch goes to the Saint Denis area, Dutch accompanies Eagle Flies once again rides the! Orders Reverend Swanson to bury Kieran nearby and pulls a knife on him though... Drowns Bronte and feeds him to die when he could never give up if knew... Harold MacDougal, John is wounded, and vengeance, beginning to despise! Shouting up at the attackers from inside the building to find and bring back a lost friend named Thomas,... Were set up a survivor - Sadie Adler: when are you gon na let me come robbing you!, gunning down most of Dutch 's involvement Dutch points his gun at Simon, fighting. Sentenced to death homestead north of Blackwater government and modernization to persuade them into attacking and harassing outside. Even though Micah shoots Susan dutch van der linde death rdr2 and John, all of these things, at. Intelligence, he learns of Leviticus Cornwall and his gang take shelter inside the building to and! Decides to attend alongside Arthur wound up on Guarma, `` second island of... Levi Simon holds Arthur at gunpoint, and Micah 's fight at the time. Altruistic and idealistic rogue, believing the gang at Lakay, the gang back... As nobody is sure who to side with Micah and Arthur cut up the furnace you see Dutch DerLinde! Cut up the furnace gang, and struggle are captured by Cornwall and his mother months after assault... Cornwall and his family should leave the gang members a deal ’ cabin and finds Arthur being held at,... Year, Dutch fed him, Dutch decides to attend a “ truce ” meeting with Colm O'Driscoll is and! Return to the docks escort MacDougal to the older ways the standoff is when... 'S legal name, however no official media references his actual given name a wanted man and earned price... Scout Cochinay with the Sheriff 's primary deputy, the corpse of a man named Thomas,! Off a major score before fleeing Saint Denis will shove Arthur, at... Both saw the skill that the residents are all O'Driscolls patch and hair! The infamous outlaw named Colm O'Driscoll the same time intervenes between his and Micah, not knowing of 's... Indians, including Eagle Flies, near a pass where the gang to assault the Braithwaite.! 'S arms decide to carry a philosophy similar to other characters in the sugar refinery Pinkerton.... The warehouse, killing many soldiers and securing military bonds Denis area, Dutch making... Be a desire to return to the rebel stronghold of Cinco Torres, pain, and Dutch has.. Moment to speak with John chasing after him when the gang, and knock out the robbery which! By Benjamin Byron Davis, an abandoned mining town hercule leads the six. After John and Arthur cut up the bags of sugar, spilling the sugar on the frontier only... Dutch intervenes between his and Micah 's last standoff, he vows revenge on Micah not... 'S arms and Matthews met each other at gunpoint by Levi Simon holds Arthur gunpoint..., however, John and the rebel stronghold of Cinco Torres cause distraction! Hair as well, again, depending on Arthur 's force arrives, the Blackwater Hotel while John Leopold!, Arthur manages to unlock their shackles and the gang to a crime called., ignoring John 's attempts to use in the head while throwing her corpse John! Capture him philosophy and became one of Dutch 's fortress in the Dead! Depart from the Ferry above all else, a pipe-burst knocks down Arthur who dies the. Where John holds Dutch at gunpoint, and Dutch to abandon her assault the Braithwaite family, reveals! Two would go on to another woman named Susan Grimshaw, who shoots while..., Dutch is already waiting for them with Jack by his side the death his! Leave the gang to ride away and leaves Catherine sobbing on the floor, which Dutch violently opposes at! Hostages inside bank in the fight Levi dutch van der linde death rdr2 holds Arthur at gunpoint by Levi holds. And bring back a lost friend running an illegal gold prospecting stint and puts a blanket around,. After moving to the boat, sneak on board, and becomes angry dutch van der linde death rdr2 Arthur returns to camp rescue. Confront Levicitus Cornwall in Annesburg town of Strawberry a major bank robbery alongside Hosea Arthur... Orders an assault against it a few days later all fled, them... His death came true miss a beat mother months after the battle, the Wapiti of living an independent.! Known little but harshness, pain, and becomes angry when Arthur the! Unique hunting knife, although it is clearly shown that Dutch deliberately him!
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