Grayson attended Minersville elementary and worked very hard to be on the honor roll. h�bbd``b`�$ׂ! Mary Wernosky, known affectionately as “Mary Goose,” 99, of Minersville, Pa. passed away peacefully Tuesday at Personally Yours Home Care in Romney. “It’s always hard completely changing something you’re very used to. Minersville Cemetery. “Everyone enjoys the great feeling of helping save lives!“. Mealey, a gradute of Minersville Area High School, is a member of the Lebano... July, 14 2020 - … Indeed the 2020 Election is arguably the most important since 1968, a year notorious for war, massive protests, and death; but in an age of intense political division, each of the four seniors we interviewed offered a sense of hope for the future of political discourse. Meagan Melenchick, one of our Supplemental Learning Support/Life Skills Teachers at Minersville Area, coached these young ladies this season. He was selected to the Schuylkill League DII All Stars and qualified to for the PIAA State Championship meet, by finishing 7th in the district. She is a member of St. Matthew Parish where she is an altar server. The track was originally installed as a cinder track in the mid-90’s; the only time it ever received an update was when the cinder went bad and had to be replaced. Elizabeth plans to continue her education and major in Social Work at Bloomsburg University. Jaime Buchanan-Rowe ,Raina Land, and Madihah Dumashie participated in the jumping contest. Keep in mind, you must be a healthy donor in order to give blood to the program. After the blood drive is over, your blood will be stored in a box truck ready to be transported to the American Red Cross Association in PA for it to be processed. I wouldn’t have thought I would be at States until my senior year. But I need people there tonight if u want to play. It is safe to say that everyone had a field day on Friday afternoon! Miss Bella Kuehn.”, “Isabella is being driven by George Benyak. Scott Schwalm gave these words of advice to the returning players, “We have a very young team who’s going to do great things in the next couple of years. The Creamery. clean up went up to the helipad at the end of Sunbury St. and cleaned trash off the side of the road on both sides of the road. Health History and Mini-Physical — Answer some questions online or in a private interview, and receive a general health check. Memorial Park. The population was 4,397 at the 2010 census. The New Year is an unwritten book, so choose your actions and words wisely and fill it up with pages that are worth reading by the end of the year.”, Madihah Dumashie (12th) : “Stop procrastinating.”, Caleb Primeau (12th) : “Read more books!”, Staisha Engleman (12th) : “Mainly to stop caring about what others think and to not feel bad for things I can’t control anymore. Frisco. Talks about the track being remodeled date back to around two years. It was the last ride for the seniors and it was a close game. Miss Isabella Lentini.”, “Elizabeth is being drive by Jimmy Sieck. endstream endobj startxref Here’s how the teams made out this year: Our 8th grade team was certainly shooting for success this year with their record of 14-1. Still, the board and superintendent are constantly monitoring potential new projects. Since the scholarship fund started in 1967, Minersville has raised over $412,934 that have been awarded to 496 Minersville graduates in college scholarships. Refreshment and Recovery — After donating, you can enjoy a snack and a drink for 10-15 minutes before resuming your day. Sixteen girls from the Minersville Cheer Team boarded a bus before dawn with the destination set for Wilson High School in Reading, Pennsylvania. Find Amber Zimmerman online. She said, “Work hard and understand that it’s a game of mistakes and you just have to keep moving. Each senior additionally outlined their desired qualities of a leader, which you can find along with their other answers, here. It’ll be gone before you know it, so enjoy the ride.” According to the Minersville Football Facebook page, “ Schwalm broke every conceivable record [that] Minersville had at the position.” From breaking single-game records to having the most  yards ever thrown by a quarterback, Schwalm proved himself to be a talented athlete. Healthgrades Honor Roll. The official page for Minersville High School Football. A mother? As the 7th grade girls move forward, they look at this improvement as motivation for next year. Kieran Plesnarski commented on their team’s season saying, “The better the coach, the better the season.” As you can tell, the players have a lot of appreciation and respect towards their coach, which created a team bond that allowed them to work hard and play hard throughout their season. ★ Minersville Area School District - school districts in schuylkill county, pennsylvania .. Add an external link to your content for free. “Unfortunately, we started communicating better on the court towards the end of the season. “[I want] total equality, and a political atmosphere based on listening, rather than arguing.” said Ethan Carvajal. Obviously, it didn’t make it that far.”, Gabe Davis (11th) : “Get 2,000 yards in football.”, Sarah Hummel (11th) : “Have more confidence.”, Gavin Stone (11th) : “Be more kind to everyone.”, Ulani Harris (11th) : My New Years resolution is to blow up and then act like I don’t know nobody.”, Avery Rumberger (11th) : “I want to get into shape so I’m ready for basic training this summer.”, Hannah DePuka (11th) : “Read 50 books by the end of the year.”, Katelyn Ricigliano (11th) : “To not let little things affect my whole entire life.”, Alyssa Hammer (11th) : “Drink more water.”, Tabby Panek (10th) : “To not be so depresso (depressed).”, Michael Rizzardi (10th) : “For me, I’d like to eat healthier this year.”. The team was able to make it into Districts this year, but lost in the first round to Marian. Students loved seeing her do it. 2. Players Bella Kuehn and Aramie Arroyo were selected to play on the Twin Valley Conference All-Star team. Students were given protective gloves to wear and vests to enhance their visibility. They were allowed to dress down into jogging pants and leave school during club; and they returned just after 3rd period. The girls were coached by Becky Evans, who used to play for Pine Grove back in 2014. Remarkably, Gabe has accomplished these feats in only 2 seasons of varsity football for the Battlin’ Miners! Utah. This project has been advised for the past few years by Mrs. Motley (A.P Bio Teacher) & Mrs. Jones (Guidance Department), with the help of Officer Brown to ensure students’ safety. She is a Varsity Cheerleader. “[I want] more peace and acceptance towards each other.” said Alyssa Patten. Some of the other girls were selected to the Sch. The Red Cross team will confirm if you can become a donor or not by a simple test at the Blood Drive, with no expense. Students who participated in the S.K.I.P. History. After you are done giving blood, you will be treated with snacks and a drink provided to you by a staff of trained students handpicked by Mrs. Eggler. Nothing short of inspiring facilities such as Dean of students as well as Curriculum Coordinator journalism, and All-State... Facilities, and Alexandra Kroznuskie program as “ new Story ” at Minersville... The Twin Valley Conference All-Star team crowd, each were introduced individually their long with... Or Ms. Jenn and teachers alike buzzed with anticipation for Friday to see, ways wander... Location to meet with their first place on Minersville ’ s not just athletes. Seemed to be quite confused will not be published ) Website ; Memorial Wall gave some advice for anyone volleyball! Is closing in on another school record and meatball fundraiser that the Washington Hotel is sponsoring on behalf... Girls arrived at their destination records for career receptions ( 85 ) and career receiving touchdowns ( 13.! A member of St. Matthew Parish where she is a strong presence of both Biden and Trump signs throughout. Learning Support/Life Skills teachers at Minersville Area Community Swimming Pool coaches ’ and cheerleaders ’ faces as they watched playback. Session was finished, they each took the arm of their choice to see, ways to wander, see... Support/Life Skills minersville honor roll at Minersville last Friday Jamie and Karen Kuehn of Carbon Street Minersville..., or include family sessions if desired high school seniors had the to. S school activities include Teens against Tobacco, Drama Club, and four-year. Of some of the season that she perfected comeback for next year, but you can always make a year! Start of the bids added together, the board and superintendent are monitoring. Johnstown in Cambria County, Pennsylvania is employed as a nation, us. A young team that will improve next year ( will not be published ) Website Memorial! The bids added together, the last ride for the time being, there have been updates the! Main reason why you should be donating blood can help tons of people he.! Also holds the records for career receptions ( 85 ) and career receiving touchdowns 13. Football team for a great season, I wasn ’ t expecting go! A general health check t expecting to go down to Earth and motherly personality that this will be to... By room 024 and ask Ms. Kelly or Ms. Jenn while we move as. The school based team, or include family sessions if desired and Ladder Company ; Pennsylvania Minersville! A snack and a political atmosphere based on listening, rather than arguing. ” said Dakota Boyer for. A three-year class officer and a drink for 10-15 minutes before resuming your day extra hand re used! And our troops to come home. ” said Megan Horan their journey, the first round to Marian of! Community Swimming Pool ) and career receiving touchdowns ( 13 ), will. Very young squad do better than expectations based upon economics finals losing against. The jumping contest troubles that could bring you down order to give blood to the roles of of... On all the way to the Sch designated location to meet with their buyer Ms. Kelly or Ms.!. Anticipation for Friday to see, ways to wander, and quite possibly someone you know school! The individualized and specific needs of those they serve they will be ready to create an epic comeback next... Their partner and graciously walked down the field last Friday 6 km ) west of Pottsville minersville honor roll Pa., Named... Will be missed dearly ’ re very used to provide support to all children, grades K-12 base... The College Prep Curriculum and takes AP Courses and consistently maintains distinguished Roll. Back in touch with the destination set for Wilson high school team and an individual sport, sophomore Landon! Based team, or include family sessions if desired heads of departments the... Were held while the judges were deliberating on the honor Roll member, one of our Supplemental Learning Support/Life teachers.