They require soil at 16 deg C and above. Choose pots of around 10litres in size (a builder s bucket with holes drilled in the bottom would be ideal). Cucurbits (Squash family) Soil. Posted by karena . Position. Growing courgettes takes about 12 weeks, so now's the perfect time to get planting. Author: Vanadis. Then you can plant the courgette plant into a 15 centimeter pot. This pot will be placed inside as well, because it is still too cold to plant them out. Sunny. // ]]>. iPad or Climate zones | Get our app for iPhone, A spray with a 5gm/teasp Bicarbonate of Soda in 600ml/pint of water will help slow powdery mildew when it appears. I'm wondering if they need any special treatment, and how well they crop grown this way. Some varieties trail a bit but don't climb. })(); //